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Physiotherapist – Candidate Persona

Meet Bradley

Meet Bradley, a 33-year old physiotherapist who completed his degree at Southern Cross University, Lismore. He is originally from Wellington, NSW but has been living in Brisbane and working at the Mater Hospital for the past 8 years. He is married to Carly and they have two little boys aged 2 and 4 years. Carly is an interior designer with her own company, so she can work from home to be flexible with the boys. Carly is from the Gold Coast.

One weekend they had to travel to Wellington for a family reunion. It was the first time they had been back to the region for about 6 years. Bradley couldn’t believe how improved the streetscape was looking and how local businesses seemed to have picked up, with quite a few new shop fronts and coffee shops open. In his conversations with family and friends Bradley was intrigued to hear about the investment in the region, a new wind-farm, mines, new correctional facility and especially about the redevelopment of the hospital in nearby Dubbo. Over the weekend, Bradley and Carly checked out the windows of the local Real Estate agents and were surprised to see how affordable homes were but also how much rental return they were able to obtain from an investment property. The prospect of expanding their property portfolio and the likelihood of retiring younger than they thought possible triggered a decision to look for job opportunities.

While searching online, Dubbo Hospital Careers website appeared in google search and Bradley was amazed to see an advertisement for a Senior Physiotherapy Manager. He was also able to watch a video with a testimonial from existing staff about what it’s like to work there and live in the region. He worked out that the hospital wouldn’t take just any physiotherapist – you had to possess some key qualities to become part of the team:

  • Passion for Allied Health Willingness to work in the rural context
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and show leadership to others
  • Cultural respect for all patients’ backgrounds Strong work ethic
  • Interest in working with vulnerable communities and Closing the Gap
  • Open mindedness to all possibilities for career progression
  • Community-minded, sporting, and or culturally orientated
  • Open to living in a wide-open space, with sunshine, nature and time on your side

Bradley decided the stars were aligning and that he would apply for the job and they would move to Dubbo and buy a house to live in and a house as an investment in Wellington. The only glitch was Carly and her business. After Bradley applied for the job and was successful, the Director of Allied Health at Dubbo, Jenny put the family in touch with the new resident program run by Dubbo Regional Council and it wasn’t long before Carly had found her first client – a major building company rapidly expanding with the growth of investors in Dubbo and surrounds, who needed the services of a highly skilled interior designer. They continue to look forward to the opportunities the region is providing for prosperity!

A move to Dubbo could make all the difference!