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Registered Nurse – Candidate Persona

Meet Jemma

Jemma is a 40-year old Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurology who graduated from Nursing at the University of Western Sydney in 2000 and has worked most of her career in the Neuro High Dependency Unit at Westmead Hospital including some shifts, when they were short, in the Brain Injury Unit. She has a young family of 3 with two in primary school and one in junior high school. Her husband is a carpenter. They are saving to buy a house but are still only able to afford the rent of a 3- bedroom home in Wentworthville. They are both from Sydney’s inner west originally and never considered moving from Sydney.

Jemma is part of the Westmead Nurses social club, on her days off she volunteers for her kids’ school canteen, she does CrossFit when she can to stay fit, and has always had a passion for critical care nursing.

Jemma has hit a career ceiling at Westmead with the next step to becoming a Clinical Nurse Consultant a very competitive contemplation. Especially going up against her colleagues who are also her friends. Vacancies in the other critical care units at the hospital are highly sought-after positions. She feels stuck, both professionally and personally.

One day, when browsing the health jobs sites, Jemma sees an advertisement for a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care at Dubbo Health Service…

Hiring Now!

Mid-career Registered Nurses with critical care or high dependency experience to work in an expanding Critical Care and Coronary Care Unit at Dubbo. Must have these qualities:

  • Passion for critical care 
  • Willingness to learn critical care in the rural context
  • Ability to work as part of a team and show leadership to others
  • Cultural Respect for all patients’ backgrounds
  • Strong work ethic 
  • Interest in working with vulnerable communities and Closing the Gap 
  • Open mindedness to all possibilities for career progression 
  • Community, Sporting, and or Culturally orientated
  • Open to living in a wide-open space, with sunshine, nature and time on your side

If this is you, we would love to hear from you at Dubbo Health Service – A move to Dubbo could make all the difference!

Jemma knew she needed to apply for the job and take the risk to change her and her family’s path.

Jemma was successful in the job, her family relocated to Dubbo, with the support of the Dubbo Health Service and the Dubbo Regional Council’s new resident program. Her husband was quickly connected to a local builder who employed him permanently. The children were enrolled in school and soccer, Jemma joined CrossFit, their savings made it possible for them to get a loan for a 4- bedroom house on the outskirts of town, and she is working toward her career aspiration of Clinical Nurse Consultant!

A move to Dubbo could make all the difference!