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Medical Registrar – Candidate Persona

Meet Charles

Charles is a 28-year-old third year Registrar training to be an endocrinologist. He went to medical school at Notre Dame University in Sydney and has been working at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. His special interest is diabetes. Charles has recently married Beth, and his wife is a Radiation Therapist, also at RPA. They both originally come from Sydney but with the rising cost of living in the city and their desire to soon start a family, they have contemplated looking for jobs outside of the metropolitan area.

Charles works in a very competitive environment at RPA where to get noticed you need to be studying a PHD in your chosen speciality and he is often frustrated because he feels that the case-load/mix that he is given is below his capability. Charles experienced working in Orange and Dubbo, both large regional hospitals, as part of his medical training rotation. He was pleasantly surprised by interesting and challenging cases and the excellent culture and comradery between the Orange and Dubbo medical staff.

One day, when reading The Australian newspaper, Charles came across a special feature on Dubbo and the growth of the health and education sector in the city. The story he read about the opportunities that had been given to young specialists starting out their consulting careers was inspiring and so Charles decided to do some more research on Dubbo Hospital. He started to follow Dubbo Hospital Careers on Instagram and watched with interest a bunch of videos about clinician’s experiences in Dubbo on their website. His wife was extremely interested to read the news about a new $35 million integrated cancer centre that was being built. Charles decided to give Medical Administration at Dubbo a call!

His call was answered by Judy who very eagerly spoke to Charles about the $240 million redevelopment of the hospital currently underway, and then handed him to the Head of the Medical Department, Dr McClintock. When Charles asked if there was an Endocrinologist vacancy, Dr McClintock replied with “Not at the moment, but could be very soon!”

“Do you have these qualities?” he asked.

  • Passion for Medicine
  • Willingness to work in the rural context 
  • Ability to work as part of a team and show leadership to others
  • Cultural respect for all patients’ backgrounds
  • Strong work ethic
  • Interest in working with vulnerable communities and Closing the Gap
  • Open mindedness to all possibilities for career progression
  • Community, sporting, and or culturally orientated 
  • Open to living in a wide-open space, with sunshine, nature and time on your side

And with that proposition, a relationship followed with Charles and his wife where Dr McClintock and the team at Dubbo orientated Charles and Beth to the benefits of working and living in Dubbo. A year past and Charles had passed his exams and started an endocrinology clinic once a fortnight at the Dubbo Hospital. It didn’t take long and the demand for his special skills went through the roof with patients from Dubbo and from all over western NSW. His special interest in diabetes has really paid off with the region experiencing high rates of the chronic condition. They decided to resign from their positions at RPA and move to Dubbo. Charles took a position as a Staff Specialist at the hospital and he is so busy that they will be recruiting to a second endocrinologist soon. While Charles has found the clinical support from his peers at Dubbo to be excellent, he is also reassured by the network of support he is able to access via the hospital’s close relationship with RPA. He certainly doesn’t feel isolated and has been able to lift his skills above where he ever imagined they would be at this stage of his career.

Charles and Beth planned to start their family shortly after arriving in Dubbo and Beth would return to work as a Radiation Therapist part-time in one year’s time at the new Western Cancer Centre. They have never looked back!

A move to Dubbo could make all the difference!

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Dr Ali Zwain completed part of his Medical Registrar training at Dubbo Hospital and is now working there as an Anaesthetic Specialist.
Dr Kelly Bradley chose a rural generalist pathway, and after junior rotation in Dubbo and Orange, is now an Obstetrician GP, with visiting rights to Dubbo Hospital and a local general practice.