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Emergency Doctor – Candidate Persona

Meet Rowena

Rowena is  a 37-year old Emergency Physician who completed her degree at University of NSW, in Sydney. She is originally from Byron Bay NSW but has been living in Bondi in Sydney and commuting every day to Westmead Hospital for the past 8 years. It takes her 3 hours return each day to get to work at 8:30am (depending on buses and trains running on time). Rowena thrives on working in the Emergency Department at Westmead Hospital, in Sydney’s west. She sees a multiplicity of cases which challenge her daily. She has dreams of becoming the head of Emergency at Westmead in the next couple of years.

Rowena’s partner, Maddie is an accountant for Price Waterhouse Coopers and she works in the city. They struggle to coordinate their working timetables during the week, with competing demands of different careers and working in vastly different parts of Sydney. Their weekends are great – if they both have them off – as they can get to the beach for breakfast or a walk; the sullen realisation of Monday’s expectations usually dawn on them by Sunday brunch leaving them both feeling very confused about what they can do to grow their relationship, careers and lifestyle.

One weekend they were invited to Dubbo, in central west NSW for a friend’s 40th birthday. Their friend was a doctor and now working at Dubbo Hospital as the new head of Department for Oncology. It was the first time they had both been to western NSW and they were awe-struck at how big Dubbo really was; how many shops, cafes, restaurants… they were expecting to fly-in to a backwater town and so their perceptions were obliterated, yet in a pleasant way.

They had a great time in Dubbo. After learning Dubbo was not only a major growth hub for NSW, it was also undergoing a massive $240 million redevelopment of the hospital; they decided to do some more research.

While searching online, Rowena discovered the hospital was looking for Emergency Physicians, that Dubbo Hospital was the busiest emergency room in western NSW and clinicians working there could also support the Royal Flying Doctors Service! This was a dream job for Rowena.

She had to reflect on whether she met the criteria the hospital was looking for in their clinicians:

  • Willingness to work in the rural context
  • Ability to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team and show leadership to others
  • Cultural respect for all patients’ backgrounds
  • Strong work ethic Interest in working with vulnerable communities and Closing the Gap
  • Open mindedness to all possibilities for career progression Community, sporting, and or culturally orientated
  • Open to living in a wide-open space, with sunshine, nature and time on your side
  • Rowena decided the stars were aligning.

Her partner Maddie was also enthralled with the economic growth happening in the region and the opportunity to invest in industry and real estate. She dropped her resume to a few local firms and it didn’t take national accountancy firm, Crowe Horwath long to offer her an opportunity as a partner! Concerned about missing friends and their Eastern Suburbs lifestyle, the pair investigated travel options back to Sydney and they were blown away to discover that there were several daily flights to and back from Sydney!! What more could Rowena and Maddie ask for?

A move to Dubbo could make all the difference!

Dr Khyarne Biles shares her experience as an Emergency Registrar in Dubbo.